Enter the world of Digital Transformation well prepared.

For organisations it is always a challenge to get business requirements translated into concrete digital solutions. The Business and IT managers must speak each other’s language well. That is where my experience and expertise as a project manager can make a difference. 

Move into the future, Move to Innovate.

About Me

A molecular biologist and a passionate triathlete with extended experience in digital technology. The perfect combination to guide your business in the era of digital transformation.

Project Management

Let me handle the digital transformation of your organisation, doing what I do best. Managing employees and building bridges between departments to improve and adapt to the latest innovations.

Innovation Coach

By Translating your business requirements into actions, I will guide you and your business to embrace new developments, help to adopt innovative digital techniques and explore new business opportunities.

Drive For

I’m a molecular biologist, rooted in the Dutch city of Leiden and a passionate triathlete. As such I know how to set and achieve long term goals. Training for endurance events, involving swimming, cycling and running, there will always be setbacks along the way. However, I am not one who quits easily, internally driven to improve and perform. Both in sports and in business I Move to Innovate.

Over 25 years I’ve been working in a variety of international businesses, cooperating with professionals in all kinds of fields. Specialised in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, but also familiar with agriculture and other food related industries. However, I am convinced that digital innovation is the biggest stimulant in improving any kind of industry, all over the world.

That is why I support professionals of all backgrounds to make optimal use of new digital technologies. As Innovation Coach I use my years of experience and knowledge for great innovation to help you to reach your digital goals as well.

"Looking for synergy in a common innovative digitalization project is what drives me."


In several of my past projects, I functioned as the catalyst between businesses and IT organizations.  I pair a thorough knowledge of IT with years of hands-on business experience and  understanding of new digital technology.

Combining business-experience with years of People-management and an excellent network in healthcare, tech  and other related industries, I will guide  your organization, in whatever challenge you face.

Whether it’s about guidance of employees, optimizing the capacities of your staff or delivering an Innovation training where needed, by means of Move to Innovate, I  will facilitate the digital transformation in your organization in the most optimal way possible. All by focusing on the most important factors: your people and your cliënts.

Digital transformation is here to stay. Move to Innovate will help you find the right way.

Innovate Services


What are the latest digital developments? How will you be able to implement them?  As a 21st-century company you want to make optimal use of new digital technology and achieve a new, optimal balance between people and technology. Digital services are playing an increasingly important role in both B2B and B2C businesses and digital innovation is a must.

However, the translation of business requirements into concrete digital solutions is a well known bottleneck. The lack of understanding between different fields of expertise, such as business and IT, can get in the way of innovation. That’s where I can make a difference as innovation coach, creating a bridge of knowledge, understandable to all parties.

As innovation coach I inspire, motivate and support you and your organization to embrace new developments. To adopt innovative digital techniques, and to develop new attitudes and working methods. Thus creating new opportunities for your business.



I worked intensively with professionals in all kind of areas. My experience combined with the opportunities, currently arising from new technology, evolved me into an entrepreneur in 2017, which let me to exciting new challenges and experiences. I found I could really make a difference and improve the process of digital transformation in the companies I worked with. 

I managed a large e-commerce implementation project for a multinational and in Silicon Valley, I was further inspired by the potential impact of digital innovation.  I also continue as an Agile and Prince2 certified project manager in many projects for different companies.’

E-commerce CH

Implementation of new developed e-commerce and customer support platform for CH market for a global operating pharmaceutical company. We replaced the existing webshop, insourcing the technology and enhancing functionalities by interfacing with existing internal platforms like ERP and CRM.

EU – ecommerce template

Creation of an EU e-commerce template matching with the EU ERP implementations based on existing experience of previous roll outs in United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. With the template we made a standardized solution for local markets where the new ERP platform was implemented. I guided and supported the first implementation in the Spanish market.

Introduction of digital signatures

All documentation in the organization required two or more signatures in ink to be valid. I identified the need, showed the added value to the organization and investigated the legal viability for digital signatures. I made the business case to sign-up for a corporate license to implement Docusign EU wide in the organization and managed the implementation project.

Implementation of Ariba Procure to Pay

For the implementation of the procurement solution Ariba  I did the stakeholder management and change management. I was responsible to manage both the board of directors and management teams as well as the change management process. I ensured all end-users accepted the change to a new working process and I provided training of 260 staff members.

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